Oil Directions:

    • Apply a few drops to the sides and front of your beard.  
    • Massage or comb throughout.
Some may prefer to put the oil in their palm, some like to apply close to the base of the hair. Both are correct.  Each beard is different and the amount of oil required may vary. Listen to your beard, if it feels dry after a few hours then try adding a little more. If it feels "wet" then dampen with a towel and comb through again. Then follow up with the balm.

Balm Directions: 

    • Use just enough to cover your fingertip
    • Rub your hands together to activate the balm.  
    • Apply once the balm has melted.
    • Use a wooden comb or fingers to comb through your beard.
    • Typically you won't need to exceed 2 fingertips of balm.
    • Then style.
Again, listen to your beard. If it seems like it's "oily" use less.  If it still feels dry, use more.  
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Tip:  Wooden combs are the preferred styling piece for beards.  Unlike plastic or metal, they retain the oil and don't strip the hair of essential vitamins and oils when being used.  If you prefer a more styled result then we'd suggest owning both a wooden comb and a high-quality boars brush.