About Us

Tenacious Beards Story 

is a small business started in June of 2016 out of Charlotte, NC, the week of our youngest son's arrival.  My wife and I were about to have two children under the age of two and we were relatively blind as to what was headed our way financially.  To boot, my wife ended up needing to be out of work the final month of pregnancy and was then off for 6+ weeks after our son, Knox, had arrived.  To some this may not have been the best time for a business start-up but sometimes you have to do what is needed.

After launch, I quickly found myself selling product faster than I could keep it in stock. My initial investment had quickly turned profit and I was ready to reinvest.  I'm currently stocking a major distributor out of California as well as a few local shops in Charlotte.  I've sold my product in just about every state within the US and am currently looking to ship internationally.

We prioritize in creating a quality product and customer service above all else.  Each product is hand-crafted, measured, and won't go out the door unless I would be willing to open it and use it myself.

5 key carrier oils are used to create our Signature Blend that will leave your hair moisturized, healthier, and looking its best.


I'd like to personally thank you for your time and hope you're growing long and strong.


Earl Chornsbay



Feel free to leave feedback at tenaciousbeards@gmail.com