Beard Wash

Our beard wash is crafted with our Signature Oil Blend and Pure-Castile Soap.

This wash is perfect for a soothing wash after a long day at work or if you're looking for a rejuvenating and refreshing wake-up call in the morning before work.  You can look forward to waking up with a much more tamed beard that's ready to be styled if you decide to use this before bed.  Your hair will be much softer without any oil residue left on the pillow. She will also be thankful for the soft beard throughout the night!


Use just a small dime sized drop to cover approximately a 6" beard.  For 12" beard we recommend twice as much.  Apply, Lather, and rinse.  Gently dry and then apply your Tenacious Beards Oil and Balm.  Style and proceed to be amazing.

A single bottle should last anywhere from 20-40 washes.  Depending on the length of your beard.

For best result, wash your beard last just before getting out of the shower.  Gently dry and style while your beard is still slightly damp.