Beard Oil & Balm Sets

Choose from 4 great smelling options

Imperial-Citrus: A bold, smooth, and uplifting scent that's perfect during the summer months.

Valiant-Mint: A crisp and refreshing scent that's perfect for any mint lover.

Regal-WoodsA Wood Scent with a Cedar Base.  May even be considered closer to a BBQ Smoke Scent.  Our signature scent and one of the most popular.  If you're unsure and want to play it safe and still be completely satisfied then this is the scent to choose.

Seduction: Hands down our most requested scent.  This scent replaces your costly cologne and is guaranteed to pull her close.  Check out any of the Seduction pages to see it's carefully crafted blend of oils to create this amazing scent.


These are great for the guy in your life who has everything and is hard to shop for.  Even if he doesn't have a beard, the benefits that these products offer will give him the confidence to grow without having to worry about the itch and dryness that used to be part of growing a beard.