Why Not Make Her Happy Too?

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Why Not Make Her Happy Too?

Why not make her happy?

Beards have a dirty reputation and it takes a little effort to fight this stereotype.  Keeping it shaped only adds another level of difficulty to the bearded lifestyle.

The reasons we decide to grow a beard can have a vast assortment of supportive reasoning and at the end of the day it needs to be inviting.  A barrier is the last thing we want our beards to become.  

Imagine you're sitting at your favorite brewery, chatting it up, your beard is on full display and a couple of ladies have decided to have a women's night out and they're all discussing the Urban Beardsman from across the room.

What's next?  Do they approach you?  Do you approach them?  Are we left standing in the twilight zone? 

Before we go any further, lets analyze this just slightly.  Something you take pride in (your beard) is catching the eye of people who don't know you.  We've now established that the beard is in fact appealing on a physical level...as if we needed to explain such an obvious fact.  But that's just the beginning...

Now you have to appeal on a more intimate level.  You have to have an aromatic presence.  What happens when she walks by?  What happens when you walk?  Does she pick up on the fact that you've merely covered your entire day with cologne?  I surely hope not.  I hope she picks up on the bold masculine scent that your beard is projecting.  What a shock it'll be to someone if they compliment your cologne or how you smell in general and you're able to silently point to your beard to let them know that's what they're smelling.  Cheesy pick-up lines are gone, the conversational barrier is broken, and you're already moving forward in making a new friend.

The goal here isn't to use your beard as a pick-up line.  However, in most cases, it can be a conversation starter if it meets both the physical and aromatic standard.

My wife prefers the Imperial Citrus scent over any cologne I've had.  She'll lean over in the truck and take a nice long deep breath.  

She's intentionally making an effort to smell and enjoy my beard!  Gone are the days of "dirty" or "unsanitary" beards.  I can grow my beard with my wife's full support and she'll get to enjoy it just as much as I do.

I don't need to pay for expensive designer cologne.  I can buy 4-6 sets of beard products for the same price it'd cost me to buy a bottle of cologne.  

I use my proceeds to donate to cancer and help pay for daycare for my children.  You're not buying me a summer house or a yacht.  Shop local!

Now save yourself some money and get the same results.

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