When Free Meets Quality, You Can't Go Wrong

When Free Meets Quality, You Can't Go Wrong

Combs and How to Get Them Free!

Not only do you receive a quality product but you also receive a product that's custom tailored and crafted specifically for you.  We use a safe and secure payment system through Shopify.com.  We accept just about every form of payment available.  Each order is hand-crafted and in the mail typically within 24 hours after purchase.

I've recently started crafting these beautiful beard combs that are elegant in design and perfect for all types of hair.  They retain the natural oils that your body creates as well as those that you apply yourself.  Plastic and metal combs have a tendency to strip the hair of oil where as the wooden combs help apply and evenly distribute the oils.

Remember when you were little and in art class?  How did you create ribbon?  You typically took a ruler or scissors and pulled tightly against a thin strip of paper.  This gave your paper a curl and after a few swipes, you've got yourself a nice little ribbon.  This is what plastic and metal combs are doing to your hair.  They're stripping and pulling.  And just like paper...it'll eventually break.

I'm now offering these combs at no cost to you when you purchase a 2 oz set of Oil and Balm.  Complete your checkout with a 2oz set in your cart and simply put your preferred name in the "Notes" during checkout.

Remember, if it's not long and strong... You're Wrong!


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